All inclusive hosting at one flat rate of £45 (no VAT) pa

To get your web site online, you will need web hosting. All the files that make up your website and e-mail are uploaded and stored (hosted) on an online server. Servers are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing browsers permanent access to your site to view your pages, get quotes, book appointments, make contact with you and make purchases etc.

Our web servers are UK based using a bespoke cloud hosting platform. Cloud hosting is an alternative to dedicated server hosting using highly available virtualisation technologies. The hardware on which your web hosting runs is virtualised. This brings a number of huge benefits, including the ability to offer unlimited web space & unlimited bandwidth allowances with a massive 99.99% uptime and unrivalled reliability not possible by a regular Internet hosting package.

Email Services

Our hosting packages include a domain email service (webmail), allowing you to use your domain name (web address) as your email address, showing customers a professional image and a strong corporate brand.

Set up a single or any number of individual email boxes for multiple staff members/departments for convenience and privacy.

You can access your domain emails via 'Roundcube Webmail' through your internet browser or you may use a variety of third party software such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, your phone/tablet mail client or even run them through gmail.

Full List of Features

Webmail refers to access of your web-based email box(es) via control panel which can be securely accessed 24/7 from any device connected to the internet, anywhere in the world via login & password.

Allowing forwarding of emails from one address to another, which may be more convenient for you.

Accessed by downloading messages directly from the server via your local pc using software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Eudora, etc. The advantages are, if you usually use only one pc or a portable laptop/netbook, your emails are downloaded and stored on this device and previously opened messages can be retrieved quickly without the need to go online. The disadvantage is that once downloaded, they no longer reside on the server and can only be accessed from the device you downloaded them onto.

Allows you to set up a message should you not be able to check your email for an extended period of time i.e. if away on business or on holiday. When a user sends you an email, they receive a customised message by return.

Customised Spam Filtering is available for filtering emails. This is especially helpful to reduce spam or block certain addresses from emailing you. You can set the filter to automatically delete all incoming messages recognised as spam and these sensitivity settings can be altered to suit. You may also train your spam filter by black listing addresses that are sending nuisance or irrelevant mail and alternatively white listing any incoming email addresses that you need to be sure you receive mail from.

An alias is an email address that links to your domain email address. For example, where '' is the true mailbox name, you could use '' as an alias address. You can create as many aliases, linked to your mailbox as preferred and emails sent to any alias will be directed to your linked address.

This is a convenient way to reach a number of readers at once; it contains a list of e-mail addresses, which are combined under a single e-mail address, to which you post your information to. Its a fantastic marketing tool allowing you to quickly deliver offers and promotions to your customers, run a newsletter or inform visitors to your site of recent updates.

Due to the interests in combatting spam and unsolicited mail, sending out bulk outgoing mail for mass marketing purposes is not allowed. We offer up to 200 outgoing emails, per hour, per address which is usually more than adequate for standard business use. We understand that bulk marketing via email has its place and in this instance we would recommend you use a reputable bulk email provider instead, such as MailChimp. Offering both free and paid for options, the platform has many great features including mobile responsive templates which you can freely customise, easily manage customer lists, create signup forms to add to your website, track the open rate of your newsletters plus more importantly, it helps you keep compliant with the law. For more information and terms please visit their website here:

If you have any questions regarding our website and email hosting, we are more than happy to discuss them with you, please contact us.

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