We offer our web clients a cost effective logo design service with no hidden charges. Whether you opt for a *Monogram/Word Mark (font based logo £30), **Pictoral (containing graphics £70) or a combination (from £70), an effective logo that speaks positively to your customers rewards your business with a competitive advantage.

Already have a logo but feel it needs a makeover? No problem, we can improve upon and update your original design or start afresh.

Our design team specialise in branding, from the beginning, a subtle refresh to existing or a completely new conceptual or strategic direction, we always have ideas to create or enhance your company's image and strengthen your corporate branding - just give us a call: 01244 811400. Here's a few logos we have completed:

Bunch of Fives Logo
The Great Welsh Charcoal Company Logo
Kay9 Cuts Dog Groomers Logo
Florence and Bunce Logo
JP Construction Logo
Andy Tucker Logo
Annie Lawrie Logo
Ants Antennas Logo
CJM Roofing Logo
Mindstorm Toys Logo
The Baby Pantry Logo
Trenova Home Logo
Wired 4-U Logo
Rejuvenate Logo
Roof Masters Logo
Opusweed Logo
Flintshire Fitness Studio Logo
The Smooth Look Logo

The 'Logo Lingo'

*Monograms are font based logos (text only) and consist of initials or acronyms, a shortening of longer business names that have become (or you want to become) recognised as your brand - such as NASA, IBM, ASDA, KFC, FedEx etc

*Wordmarks (logotypes) - are also font based but focus on the entire business name, such as Google, CocaCola, Gilette, Paypal, ebay, Kelloggs, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Rejuvenate aesthetics (example above).

**Pictoral - logos include some kind of graphic image, an emblem or symbol and can be used alone (think of the iconic Apple logo, Twitter bird) or as a combination to include monogram or wordmark as one complete entity, such as Burger King, Starbucks, Adidas, sports teams. Most of our examples above are pictoral/combination.

If you have any questions regarding our logo design and rebranding services, we are more than happy to discuss them with you, please contact us.

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