Photography Tips

If you wish to take and provide your own images for publication on your website, there's no longer a need to purchase expensive photographic equipment. Modern mobile phones and devices are more than capable of taking excellent images, providing that a few simple rules are adhered to.....ALWAYS take a couple of test shots and view them, making adjustments where necessary before continuing.


It's important to be mindful of the background when taking images for a website. Unless taken in a natural setting a uniform, neutral backdrop should be used wherever possible, both below and behind the subject matter - always try to avoid anything that might stand out.


An 'evenly' well lit subject will return the best results - severe shadows can be eliminated by avoiding direct sunlight, diffusion or the use several sources of light.


Images may require cropping and orientation, ample space should be given to the surrounding area of subject to allow for this.


To prevent camera shake, the use of a tripod or fixed object in way of a 'solid base' to rest either the camera or elbows upon is advised.


If a product gallery is required, camera settings and distances from camera to subject matter should remain constant.


Unless otherwise requested, it's also important that images supplied by clients conform to the camera parameters as specified below - please contact us if you wish these to be explained further.


Image Aspect


Image Orientation